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Jerza no35 Wedding planner AU plz~~

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Not gonna lie I was really excited about this one. My best friend just started watching Fairy Tail and Jerza has become her otp of otps so this one I did thinking of her. ^.^ I hope you enjoy bae! and of course you as well anon thank you for asking :) 

“I have a fiancée!”

He quickly blurted out the words seeming to speak before he thought. To say Erza was shock and appalled was one thing, that is she would have been if she didn’t already know he was lying. Jellal was many things but a decent liar wasn’t one. She smiled at him; she was going to have fun with this. She reached across the café’s table to grip Jellal’s hand.

“You have to let me plan your wedding!”

She noticed his face twist in horror, gotcha try, to dig yourself out of this hole now.

“Oh no it’s okay I understand you’re already busy with other clients you don’t have to worry about us,” he smiled at her but she saw the fear in his eyes.

“As the best wedding planner in Magnolia I wouldn’t want it any other way! I insist. I just can’t wait to meet your little bride to be. What’s her name again?” She placed her cheek on her hand acting nonchalant. This was the first time she’s seen her childhood friend in years and once she leaned a little too close over the table he seemed to freak out and blurted he was engaged. Now that she had the opportunity she wasn’t going to let him off so easily. It wasn’t often she got to poke fun at Jellal.

“Her name, oh it’s Roca,” He swallowed trying to clear what she assumed was a dry throat. Another sign of his lying he didn’t seem to realize how easily she could read him.

“What a lovely name she has. What does she look like? I want to at least have some idea of who she is before we start planning a wedding.” She moved her other hand to adjust her hair over her shoulder watching him. He was starting to sweat; Erza could see the droplets running down the side of his face. She grinned having too much fun at his expense.

“Oh umm well she’s about your height actually and has blonde hair with purple eyes,” Erza looked over to see a blonde walking past them. She then looked down to see their cups of coffee were in purple cups. Wow he wasn’t even trying anymore at this point.

“She sounds beautiful. I’ve got an idea how about you call her up now and ask her about me being your wedding planner?” She clenched her teeth smiling trying to restrain the laughter that was trying to come out. She watched as more droplets of sweat ran down his forehead.

“Well she’s at work right now so we can’t but I’ll definitely tell her once she’s free, but Erza really you don’t have to,” he pulled at his shirt collar.

“I’m starting to think you don’t want me to plan your wedding. Is it because I’m not good enough? Do you think I’m a horrible wedding planner?” she leaned back in her chair crossing her arms at him. She saw him visibly gulp in fear of her anger. She wanted to smile but she held back trying to play off her ‘anger’ so he’d believe it.

“That’s not it at all. I know you’d be wonderful but-”

“No,” she held up her hand stopping him midsentence, “I see you’d rather have someone else do your wedding it is okay I understand.” She began collecting her bags to leave when he grabbed her hand.  Erza looked up to see a painful look in his eyes.

“Okay I can’t keep doing this I’m sorry Erza but… I… may have… lied about having a fiancée,” he looked away with his face beet red in embarrassment. She stood up pulling on her wrist lightly so he’d let go. She sashayed to his side of the booth leaning down to whisper in his ear.

“I know. I just wanted to make you sweat for having the gal to lie to me. Now join me as I go to the bakery and buy me a strawberry shortcake to make it up to me.” She stood back up watching him as he stared first in surprise which quickly changed to a brilliant smile that made her heart beat faster. He stood up towering over her only inches from her own body.

“As long as you forgive me,” he smiled sadly at her making her laugh. She lightly punched him in the shoulder noticing him flinch and started tugging him out the door.

“Only if you buy me five cakes of course!” 

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Noticed some things


So I was just looking back, and I picked up on something. Remember when we were first introduced to the Founders of Fairy Tail?


For a start, Zeira isn’t there, which is odd seeing as she seems to be pretty important in Fairy Tail Zero so far. So why isn’t she included here?

Secondly, I’d…

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